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Let Us Help You Operate In the Black!

When you boil it down, Black & Company doesn't really sell power tools or safety equipment...

What we really sell is a better bottom line.

Still, we get it. It's one thing to say we help you operate in the black. It's another thing to prove it. Here's a quick overview of recent examples of doing just that!

Large Utility

Black & Company Safety Solutions conducted a cost-savings analysis and proposed $561,867.00 in savings opportunity with a single customer, of which $120,000.00+ in annual savings was immediately realized through this analysis.

General Manufacturer

A company experiencing recurring injuries and lost time incidents due to inferior work gloves, partnered with their Black & Company rep who sourced a solution that drove 21% savings per pair of gloves translating to an annual savings of $130,222. In addition, the number of OSHA recordable incidents was also significantly reduced.


By introducing an alternate tooling supplier to an automotive manufacturer, a 25% cost savings was realized and the number of vendors was reduced from six to one. Upon installation of a Black & Company vending machine, the manufacturer also saw a 33% reduction in usage. Total annual cost savings to the customer exceeded $90,000.


An aerospace components manufacturer realized a 35% cost savings by consolidating four vendors down to Black & Company. Through the use of Black & Company installed vending machines, the customer realized a 28% reduction in abrasive usage. Overall annual cost savings for this customer surpassed $100,000.

We hope it's apparent that our commitment to you is more than best-in-class products. It's the best products, backed by the best service and solutions. Our commitment is to always help you OPERATE IN THE BLACK!

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